Get RM720 Rebate Every Year With Samsung Galaxy A15 And A25 5G


Did you know that at a price starting at RM999, you can already own a Samsung Galaxy A15 or A25 5G and can get a rebate of up to RM720 every year and collect reward points with every transaction made through Samsung Wallet? With the reward points collected, you can use them to redeem various privileges on offer. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to earn double reward points on credit cards and Samsung Wallet. But how?

How To Get Reward Points And Rebates Through Samsung Wallet?

It's easy. You just have to shop using Samsung Wallet and get reward points to redeem various advantages that should benefit you. First of all, you need to have any Samsung device that supports Samsung Wallet for example Samsung A15 and A25 5G. Then, you need to activate Samsung Wallet first. Then you can use it to buy any item without any minimum purchase. For every transaction made, you will get reward points which can then be used to make any redemption. With these collected reward points you can convert them into rebates and then use them to redeem your flagship device or any other item from by paying only 1% of the total price of the device. In other words, by using this Samsung Wallet, it's like you're saving little by little through the reward points given to get your dream device.

Not limited to Samsung products only, you can also use Samsung Points to redeem other products such as food, e-commerce and even entertainment. For example, let's say you want to buy an item on an e-commerce site, you can redeem a voucher from Samsung Wallet to get it. To ensure that you can enjoy the advantages of reward points from Samsung Wallet, Samsung has collaborated with various brands such as ZUS Coffee, Grab, TGV Cinemas and many more.

An exclusive promotion for users who purchase a Samsung Galaxy A15 or A25 5G, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Lazada vouchers worth RM20 in the first week and Llao Llao vouchers worth RM10 in the second week, followed by other privileges in the following weeks. In fact, if you make a payment using Samsung Wallet, you will be able to enjoy double rewards for credit card and Samsung Wallet at once. So, according to the proverb, "while diving, drink water".

Why Should You Use Samsung Wallet?

Samsung Wallet is a mobile wallet through a smartphone with NFC support where it makes it easy for you to make payments at a glance. However, why should you use Samsung Wallet?

First of all, it supports payment for 7 selected banks such as CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Standard Chartered, HSBC and Hong Leong Bank. Through it, Samsung Wallet allows you to not only store cards, but can also store identification cards and any other important information in Samsung Wallet. However, maybe you still have doubts about its safety, right? Don't worry because it also comes with a layer of security from Samsung.

This continues in terms of security on this Samsung Wallet. For your information, this Samsung Wallet is fully protected by Samsung Knox where it not only stores your fingerprints, but also protects your data under a layer of security that can prevent it from the threat of external hacking. What if your phone is stolen? The interesting thing here is that you can actually lock or delete all the information in your device remotely using Smart Things from Samsung.

In addition, usually if you want to start using this kind of payment method, you must register first. Usually, it requires several steps such as scanning the card first, filling in your name and card number manually. But, with Samsung Wallet, you only need to spend at least 1 minute for the registration session by using the NFC function. Then, you just swipe the card on the back of the Samsung device and verify it using the OTP code. Easy and fast isn't it


In conclusion, it's clear that you don't need to spend more to use a device that supports Samsung Wallet. This is because, through the Samsung Galaxy A15 and A25 5G as well, you can now use Samsung Wallet and enjoy various advantages in terms of reward points and rebates that can be redeemed including Samsung flagship devices without having to make a full payment. Not only that, with Samsung Wallet as well, you don't have to worry too much about the security of your personal data because you can delete it remotely using Smart Things.

So, for those of you who want to use Samsung Wallet, don't forget to get the Samsung A15 and A25 5G starting at RM999 from today and use the rebate to buy Samsung devices without paying in full.

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