Google Wallet Will Completely Replace Google Pay In The United States Starting June 4, 2024

Google today announced that starting June 4, 2024, Google Pay application support for the United States market will be completely replaced by Google Wallet.

Previously, various functions such as peer-to-peer payments, adding money and various other functions that were present on the Google App will now be transferred to Google Wallet in the United States as a step to streamline payment methods on the platform for American users. Company.

For most other countries, like Malaysia for example, we already continue to use Google Wallet as a payment application in our devices. The two countries that are seen to remain using Google Pay after June this year are Singapore and India because these two countries are said to have unique requirements to use the application.

Google says that Google Pay users in the United States can still use the Google Pay application until June 4, 2024, where it will be deleted from the Play Store and deactivated on user devices.

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