Here are 5 Galaxy AI Features You Can Use Right Now

 As expected, this year Samsung is betting all in on generative artificial intelligence services or generative AI. Samsung's AI ecosystem is named Galaxy AI. It uses the Samsung Gauss language model (LLM), Google Gemini Pro and also Gemini Nano.

All these AI features are already built into the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and are free to use. Each feature is capable of doing things that people and I have always thought were just science fiction. In this article I will share the 5 most useful features of Galaxy AI.

Call Assist

Call Assist allows phone calls with two different languages to be automatically translated. For example, if you receive a phone call in Chinese, you will hear an English translation. While the caller will hear your answer in Chinese.

Call Assist also does not require Internet access to use it. This feature reminds me of Hon'yaku kon'nyaku, which is Konjac Translation in Doraemon or if you are a fan of science fiction the Samsung Galaxy S24 phone can be like the Universal Translator from Star Trek. Currently only 13 languages are supported.

Chat Assist

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series also comes with a translation feature powered by generative AI. It facilitates conversation with two different languages such as English with Korean. For Samsung, they don't just offer translation but also take advantage of this generative AI technology to help users be more creative. Among them is rewriting sentences in better intonation.

I was so grateful when Chat Assist was introduced, because the sentences I wrote in scribbles could be changed back into something more formal, shared to social media, sounded casual, or emojified. The feature can be used in any messaging platform such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Line.

Note Assist

Note on Samsung devices is one of the interesting note applications. With Note Assist, any of your notes can be converted to a better format, for example in the form of a list or meeting minutes. More interestingly, Galaxy AI will suggest several different note themes. Not only that, this feature can also correct spelling and even translate all notes.

Photo Assist

Among the popular editing applications that have introduced generative AI features is Photoshop. But its use is quite difficult. For that Samsung has introduced Photo Assist through Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24. This feature uses the Galaxy ProVisual Engine technology to remove the effects of reflections, objects or other people that interfere with the scene, move something to another place and more.

If pictures aren't enough, Samsung also lets you shoot regular videos and create slow-motion effects later with the help of generative AI that modifies the frames in the video. This Photo Assist feature takes about 45 seconds to 60 seconds for each edit.

Circle To Search with Google

I often use Google Lens because it makes it easy to find something I don't know. For example, cat breeds, backpacks, product prices and more. But this feature sucks because I have to open the app tray and search for the Google Lens app.

With Circle To Search with Google, it brings more or less the same features. But its use is easier. Keep pressing and holding the home button or if you are using gestures press and hold the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen. Then draw a circle on the object you want to find.

The search process is also very fast, it can be said that you can receive the results in an instant. After using to test the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, I use Circle to Search with Google almost every day and I'm sure if you buy it the same experience will be felt.

If you are interested in using these five interesting Galaxy AI features, you need to buy a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ or Galaxy S24. These three devices can be purchased at prices starting at RM4099. Here are Samsung Malaysia's offers if you buy these devices;

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