HMD Teases Nokia 3310 5G Launch at MWC

 HMD will start offering its own branded smartphones this year to step out of Nokia's shadow. Today a teaser video about the direction of the Human Mobile Devices company was shared on YouTube giving some hints of the products that will be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month.

In addition to some ordinary smartphones with an emphasis on being more sustainable. An image of what looks like the Nokia 3310 but with 5G support was also displayed for a while. Since this legendary model was relaunched in 2018, models with 3G and 4G have been sold. Now an updated model with 5G will be launched but it is still just a normal cellular phone instead of a smartphone. The 3310 5G design will only be revealed at MWC later.

The design of the first HMD-branded smartphone has been reported by us before and it still retains the design of the Nokia era. It's just a basic device with dual cameras. With the smartphone market now becoming increasingly competitive, it is not yet known whether HMD devices will enter the Malaysian market.

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