Microsoft Just Introduced WiFi 7 And USB4 2.0 Support On Windows 11

Strange but true. Did you know that so far, the Windows 11 operating system still does not support WiFi 7 internet connection technology and also USB4 2.0 data transmission technology?

Support for these two technologies has just entered the testing phase through the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26063. WiFi 7 connectivity requires devices and even routers that support this connectivity technology, but so far it has been seen that only smart devices and tablets come with this support.

With WiFi 7, computers and smart devices are seen to be able to get data transmission rates as fast as 40Gbps and support frequencies of 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz and 6.0GHz. Through the support of Multi Link Operation, devices can also get a faster internet connection and at a longer distance.

As for USB4 2.0, the updated connection will reportedly feature a data transmission speed as fast as 80Gbps using a supported USB Type-C cable connection, twice as fast as USB4 1.0.

Technically, Windows 11 already supports USB4 2.0 through the Thunderbolt 4 plug, but the Thunderbolt plug is Intel's proprietary technology, while USB4 is an open source technology under USB-IF. With this new update, Windows 11 laptops powered by AMD chips for example will be able to achieve data reading speeds equivalent to Thunderbolt 4 enjoyed by Intel laptops.

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