Microsoft PC Manager Introduced – An Alternative To CCleaner


Are you familiar or not heard of the name CCleaner? Software to manage your computer's memory and storage that is usually free with the purchase of a new computer. The function of CCleaner is the same as the Huawei PC Manager application built on Huawei laptops, Device Care on Samsung phones or security applications on phones by Chinese manufacturers. Recently, Microsoft PC Cleaner was introduced for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

Microsoft PC Cleaner is seen as an alternative application to CCleaner. In my attempt to install this application, it can manage my laptop's internal storage, manage memory for applications to run more smoothly, manage installed applications, remove large files, and have tools for quick access to screenshots, Notepad, calculator, Bing Translator or any -where is the web link.

It is free to download. Microsoft PC Cleaner is a product released by Microsoft China and is said to be limited to US users. My laptop settings are already Malaysia, but still manage to download it. If you are interested, you can try through the link below;

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