Nothing Phone (2a) And 2 New CMF Audio Products Coming Soon


A few weeks ago, Carl Pei revealed something related to Aerodactyl which is one of the species in Pokémon. Today, Nothing confirmed that Aerodactyl is the code name for their new smartphone, the Nothing Phone (2a).

In the Nothing Community Update video for the fourth quarter of 2023, the Phone (2a) is said to be the best device for everyday use focusing on the core features and functions that users will use. Combined with Nothing's software expertise, Phone (2a) will bring some features of Phone (2) and is an upgrade device to Phone (1). Nothing will bring the best performance and camera capabilities to their new device.

CMF by Nothing will also launch two more new audio products. The first is the CMF Buds and the second is the CMF Neckband Pro. One might be that TWS is cheaper than CMF Buds Pro and the second product is a set of wireless earphones that can be hung around the neck.

Other details of the Phone (2a) and the two new audio products of CMF by Nothing remain unclear. What is certain is that the Phone (2a) will be launched in Malaysia because it has passed SIRIM. Let's wait for more information soon.

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