NVIDIA Unveils Eos – Their Most Powerful AI Supercomputer

NVIDIA is a technology company that is quite famous for their graphics card offerings that are used for a wide variety of uses, from gaming to the graphics/video processing industry and even artificial intelligence. NVIDIA graphics components are also used to power various supercomputers and data centers around the world.

In November 2023, NVIDIA has introduced their most powerful supercomputer named Eos. Now, more details about this supercomputer have been revealed and NVIDIA has said that it is the most powerful supercomputer developed by them. Eos is currently the ninth most powerful supercomputer in the world according to the TOP500 list.

Fully powered by NVIDIA components, Eos features 576 NVIDIA DGX H100 units, each of which comes with eight NVIDIA H100 graphics card units. This means that each Eos supercomputer uses as many as 4608 graphics cards and it also features NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand network components along with their own developed software for FP8 artificial intelligence processing performance as high as 18.4 exaflops in addition to a fast data transmission rate of 400Gb/s.

NVIDIA says Eos is being developed as a heart for an artificial intelligence factory, where each of these supercomputers will be used as an accelerator for the development of artificial intelligence technology using knowledge and lessons from their previous supercomputer development such as Saturn-V and Selene.

The DGX H100's processing power allows machine learning and large language model processing (Large Language Model) to happen faster, and this Eos alone is capable of performing tasks such as large-scale analysis, quantum simulation and so on without so many problems.

Eos also comes with software such as Base Command which helps in managing the artificial intelligence technology development agenda and also AI Enterprise which accelerates the development of artificial intelligence applications and functions as an "operating system" for artificial intelligence technology developers.

With Eos by NVIDIA, it is expected that the development of generative artificial intelligence technology will accelerate even more, especially today when more and more generative artificial intelligence technology can be used by the public.

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