Realme 12+ 5G confirmed to arrive in Malaysia


The presence of Realme 12+ 5G for the Malaysian market is now officially confirmed. It could be a new addition to the device under the Realme 12 series that was announced earlier and marketed with a focus on photography. If you want to follow this is the first time that the Plus version is offered for the series in an effort to provide more options for users, especially the youth.

The interesting thing about the Realme 12+ 5G is of course the ability of the advertised camera to provide an interesting photography experience, especially when used for Vlog. Added to that is the built-in SuperOIS support which is very useful for stable video results. Followed by NightEye Engine support for a more satisfying night picture experience.

It is even more interesting when the device will also feature a sleek and premium finish in collaboration with international luxury watch designer Ollivier Savéo. Details about the official launch are still mysterious but are expected to be shared by Realme in the near future.

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