Sam Altman Seeks $7 Trillion Investment For Global Semiconductor Chip Initiative Development

 After finding a large funding from Microsoft to develop their artificial intelligence software technology, Sam Altman, together with OpenAI is now seen wanting to develop their own artificial intelligence processing chip components to ensure that their technology can be utilized in a wide variety of sectors.

Sam Altman and OpenAI's desire to develop their own processing chips has been reported for months. In January 2024 alone, Sam Altman is seen to have found companies such as Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Samsung Foundry and SK Hynix for cooperation in the development of this processing chip.

The biggest issue that will befall Sam Altman and OpenAI is definitely regarding the capacity of semiconductor chip manufacturing companies in producing the components they want. Because of this, he also now seems to be looking for investors to increase the production capacity of semiconductor chips, especially in relation to the artificial intelligence that will be developed by OpenAI.

Several technology reports have said that Sam Altman is currently in talks with several giant investors, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an investment of $5 to $7 trillion to develop this artificial intelligence processing chip production initiative.

This investment money will be used to develop artificial intelligence semiconductor chip factories that will be managed by companies such as TSMC and Samsung Foundry so that it does not affect the production of other semiconductor chips.

The amount of $5 to $7 trillion required is also quite interesting especially since the semiconductor chip production sector is now estimated to be worth around $520 billion in 2023 according to Statista, and this figure is expected to increase further especially since the demand for these chips will only increase in more sector again soon.

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