Tesla Supercharger Opened at Bukit Jalil Pavilion – Malaysia-Singapore Cross-Border Support Also Activated

 Tesla Malaysia announced the opening of their latest Supercharger charging station located at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. This makes there are 6 Supercharger stations and 6 Destination Chargers throughout Malaysia since Tesla officially entered the Malaysian market in July last year.

The Supercharger station at Pavillion Bukit Jalan has six Superchargers and two Destination Chargers. Overall in Malaysia there are now 30 Superchargers and 25 Destination Chargers nationwide so far. The Supercharger supports 250kW DC charging which allows a Model 3 to increase its range by up to 282km in 15 minutes.

It was also announced that cross-border Tesla charger support in Malaysia and Singapore has also been activated. With this Tesla owners can do destination planning, prepare the battery before it is charged and access chargers in both countries more smoothly.

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