TikTok Malaysia : Content Production Increases During Sahur Ramadan, Views Increase During Moreh


TikTok Malaysia has now started sharing some of the statistics of the platform during the month of Ramadan, in an effort to allow more people to prepare for the month that is approaching soon.

According to TikTok, in Malaysia, during the month of Ramadan, content production increases by around 61% during Sahur, compared to normal hours. In addition, the viewing rate is also seen to increase sharply on TikTok during moreh time.

TikTok shared, overall viewing rates increased by around 73% during the month of Ramadan on the platform.

In 2022, around 3 million videos were produced with views reaching 10 billion views. While last year, 5 million videos were produced with a viewing rate of 14 billion. For the year 2024, the figure is expected to continue to rise sharply – not to mention with more people relying on the platform, including for sales.

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