Toshiba 55Z870 Review – VIDAA TV No Longer Loca To Buy

 Smart TVs with the VIDAA operating system began to appear in the Malaysian market since 2020. At the initial stage, it was an operating system that was seen as less powerful and not as good as Google TV, webOS and Tizen. Lack of apps and not many standard features. But after reviewing the Toshiba 55Z870, I can say that owning a VIDAA TV will no longer be considered "loca" in 2024.


Toshiba 55Z870

55-inch Screen Size

Resolution 3840×2160 pixels (144Hz)

Mini LED panel

ZRi Regza Engine Chip



VIDAA U7 Operating System



HDR 10


Maximum Description Unknown

77W audio, Dolby Atmos

I/O 2x HDMI 2.1 (1x eARC)

2x HDMI 2.0

2x USB-A 2.0

1x RF

1x AV

1x Optical audio

1x LAN


VIDAA Voice Virtual Assistant

Internet LAN/ WiFi 5

Bluetooth BT 5.0

Chromecast None

AirPlay 2 Yes

Size 3295 x 1233 × 760 mm (with base)

Weight 19.1 kg (with base)

Selling Price RM 4999


This TV design won't win a Red Dot, CES or Dyson award because it's a plastic box with quite noticeable bezels. Metal finish tiara to make it look more handsome as used by Samsung and LG on their flagship models. The TV is also quite thick if I want to compare it with Samsung's OLED models that have been reviewed so far. The somewhat retro design is not helped by the thick chin section. But I can forgive this thick chin because it is the location of the speaker that shoots forward.

Typically, forward-firing speakers will provide a better audio experience than reflected downwards and backwards as in all TVs that want a thin design. The speaker supports 2.1.2 channels with Dolby Atmos. The subwoofer is placed at the back.

The 55Z870's base is also not high enough, leaving no room to place other devices underneath. Astro Utrabox, video game consoles, mesh routers and soundbars all cannot be placed under the 55Z870. Owners are given the option to place the legs of this TV outside or slightly inside. I chose to put it in the outermost position so it looks more stable. It is indeed stable because it is very wide if I compare it with the sites provided by Prism+, Samsung and Haier on their TVs.

If you want to hang the TV, there is also a 400×200 mm VESA pole. The total weight is 18.6 kilograms without the base and 19.1 kilograms raised. This is the standard weight of a television with a 55″ screen.

I/O options are 2X HDMI 2.1 (one eARC), 2x HDMI 2.0, 2X USB-A 2.0, RJ45 LAN, audio output, audio input, optical, and RF. The majority of I/O is placed on the left side of the television with all connection ports pointing to the side. One USB-A, LAN and optical are placed on the back next to where the AI is placed. We don't know why all the I/O are not placed locally because if the TV is hung on the wall, these three ports become impossible to access. Internet support is via LAN or WiFi 5.

Usage And Visual Quality

The visual quality is very satisfactory. I reviewed the 55″ version with 4K resolution support up to 144Hz which it must be said is rarely offered on a TV. Usually this high frame rate is only available on gaming monitors. The panel also supports Dolby Vision mode which from the reader's reaction is more preferred than just HDR10+ which is supported on Samsung smart TVs.

Viewing angles are also very good with no color fading if not viewed on the right plane. Dolby Vision mode is detectable on Netflix and Prime Video. The TV will tell you it's in Dolby Vision mode right after the content plays. Then users can change the Dolby Vision mode to make it look brighter, darker, or more cinematic.

The 55Z870 also smartly detects content on Prime Video and immediately activates Filmmaker Mode which turns off any motion smoothing features that make movies look like Samarinda slot dramas. Not even on the Netflix app.

The only troubling thing is Disney+ Hotstar because HDR content is not supported and the resolution is limited to FHD only. Don't know why these two important features are missing on Disney+ Hotstar when the app is officially supported on the TV with it being installed right after the TV is turned on for the first time.

I couldn't try the 144Hz mode because I don't have a powerful enough gaming computer. So the test was done just using PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both consoles can be played at 120Hz frame rate which I feel is quite smooth. No ghosting issue. The options provided in the Games Bar mode are also quite satisfactory with various settings that can be changed directly from the menu displayed on the screen.

One more thing through the Regza Engine ZRi engine, videos that are not 4K can be increased in resolution. From what we can see, the picture still looks soft especially on YouTube. Upscaling technology does exist but never again can it look as good as a video with a true native 4K resolution.


VIDAA U7 is the latest iteration of an alternative operating system to Google TV, Tizen, WebOS, and tvOS. In terms of interface it is easy to understand because the menu arrangement is similar to Google TV. The top row lists the various apps with the other rows showing the currently popular content in the installed apps.

There are popular apps YouTube, YouTube Kids, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Apple TV+, iQiyi and more. Missing are HBO Go, Spotify, Sooka and Mola. The choice of applications is not comparable to Google TV and tvOS but I think it is sufficient for most users out there.

What I like about VIDAA is that it is quick to turn on and after that the TV runs smoothly. Google TV has a habit of taking quite a while to turn on and then the app will freeze for a few minutes. It also supports AirPlay 2 for those with Apple products. But at the same time there is no Chromecast feature. But don't worry you can still stream YouTube content to the TV app when the app is open.

What is a mystery to me is the information about RAM and storage size. Satisfied I hacked the 55Z870 settings but could not find information for these two specs. Even on Toshiba's official website it is not disclosed. So I don't know how many apps can be installed.

Remote control

The 55Z870's controls are the most "extreme" I've seen because of the combination of dozens of buttons included. At the very top are 12 smart buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Deezer, Apple TV+ and more. On other TV controls there are always only four shortcut buttons.

There are four-way navigation, voice control, channel change and home buttons all made of rubber which is comfortable to press. The design of this remote control may be outdated but it is very practical. Its huge size like the Prism+ controller is actually something I really like because it's hard to lose. It is not easily stuck between sofa cushions because it is thick. There are times when this old, boxy, non-ergonomic design is useful because it's not easy to hide.

The last thing I like is that it uses two AA batteries instead of AAA. The price is cheaper and usually if the battery runs out there are plenty of batteries of this size at home to use as a power source while buying a new pair of batteries.


The 77W speaker supports Dolby Atmos and DTS TruSurround audio. The front-firing main speakers paired with the rear-firing subwoofer are solid. The audio is always clear and feels alive which is very important when watching movies. The audio system on the 55Z870 does not disappoint so I can say that it is one of the best TVs I have ever used.

Connection to an external soundbar system is also no problem. I paired it with a Samsung Soundbar Q990C and it can operate plug and play without having to go through a complex setup process.


The Toshiba 55Z870 is a MiniLED TV that has good Dolby Vision visual performance, high frame rate support for gamers and has easy-to-use software. VIDAA U7 is an operating system that now has improved application support. The majority of major streaming services are now usable. Another strength of this TV lies in the Dolby Atmos speaker system that shoots forward while producing audio that is also very satisfying.

The shortcoming lies in the application ecosystem which is still not comparable to Google TV, Tizen, webOS and tvOS. For example no HBO Go, Sooka and streaming on Disney+ Hotstar is limited to HD and no Dolby Vision/Atmos support. Strange because on Netflix for example the same issue does not exist.

At a price of RM4999, the Toshiba 55Z870 is offered at a reasonable price for all the features it offers. For those looking for a larger version, the 65″ screen version is sold at a price of RM6299.


Sharp 144Hz 4K screen with vivid colors.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

Smooth operating system.

A very good speaker.

Can use Apple AirPlay 2.


Application support is still relatively low.

The space under the TV is too small to place a soundbar or console.

Non-contemporary design.

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