WhatsApp Is Testing Channel Ownership Transfer Feature

WhatsApp is seen testing a new feature that allows users to transfer Channel ownership. It was developed to give flexibility to users in managing the Channel well. Then transfer responsibility to other users if necessary.

In the example shown this new option will be provided through the settings field. Once the new owner agrees to become an administrator, they will be given full access to administer the Channel. This includes the ability to change key settings, delete Channels, remove other administrators and control posted content.

Its use is highly recommended when Channel owners need to divide tasks due to time constraints, or may face challenges in managing the Channel effectively. Besides being useful in situations that require users to manage two different accounts simultaneously.

These new options are ready to be tested among selected beta users and can be given exciting upgrades before they are officially launched to the public. Don't forget to follow Malaysia Channels that are already active on WhatsApp such as  Cereka and Sukanz for interesting sharing.

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