Windows 11 Moment 5 Allows Users to Remove Bing Search Bar

This year, Microsoft is expected to bring major changes to the Windows operating system. The new version will focus on the generative artificial intelligence that is Copilot. Microsoft wants Copilot to be more deeply integrated such as being able to search for files and documents from File Explorer. Pending this update, Windows 11 Moment 5 will be distributed in the near future.

The first thing that got me excited is that Copilot will no longer open a small window on the side but instead will be superimposed on top of other windows for more careful space management. Then there is the layout of the window through Snap, where Windows will suggest which application is in which part in order. This will save users time and be more efficient for multi-tasking.

Next is the screenshot taken on the smartphone will send a notification to the Windows computer, if pressed the Snipping Tool application will continue to be opened for the user to edit. What I like but am disappointed that it is limited to European users only is that Windows now allows users to remove the news widget and also directly remove the Bing search bar on the Taskbar.

This update is currently still in the Windows Insider channel and has not yet been distributed to users of the stable version. Although it's a small update, it's an update full of useful features and functions.

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