You Can Now Add YouTube Video Clips To Shorts

YouTube now allows users to add content from original video clips into their respective Shorts. In other words users can create new content along with existing video clips from popular artists to make a short video on Shorts. At the same time being one of the interesting ways to produce videos with new ideas and perspectives

In the example shown this new option provides up to four combination methods that can be used.

First is Sound, where only audio is used for short videos. Followed by Cut which allows users to cut a specific part of five seconds, and add to their respective videos.

Green Screen allows video clips to be used as a background. In addition, users can combine videos side by side using the Collab method, which also looks similar to the Remix feature on Instagram and Duet on TikTok.

How to use is also easy by just clicking the 'Remix' button provided on any video clip. Then choose one of the methods mentioned earlier for the next purpose.

In some cases there may be video clips that cannot be used when the creator of the work chooses not to allow for this purpose.

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