Zuckerberg – Meta Quest 3 Is Better Than Apple Vision Pro


The second phase of the VR/AR headset war began once again with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro a few weeks ago. Now there is the Apple Vision Pro camp and the Meta Quest 3 camp, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Today Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a video of his opinion after trying Vision Pro.

According to Zuckerberg, in his opinion Quest 3 is a better product. First of all according to Zuck, Quest 3 is more comfortable to use because it is lighter and there are no tangled wires during use. Quest 3's viewing angle is also wider. In some Vision Pro reviews, owners complained that the Vision Pro's viewing angle felt like wearing goggles because it wasn't wide enough.

Another advantage of Quest 3 is definitely its seven times cheaper price which allows people to afford it. In addition to that, the number of applications that use the capabilities of AR and VR on Quest 3 is also more at this point. Another thing is the control options through finger tracking and the controls on the Quest 3 are also more detailed than the eye tracking used by the Vision Pro.

We agree with the various advantages that Zuck touched upon but at the same time he MUST say that Meta's products are better. Vision Pro has advantages from an ecosystem point of view, especially if you are a user of Apple products. For sure, when Apple and Meta compete with each other, it will be good for users because they will be given a choice.

For us, VR/AR headsets are interesting and fun to wear but they are not a replacement for a laptop or smartphone. There's still no headset we've tried that's comfortable to use all day. The eyes feel sweaty, the face feels pressed and the headset battery is too short. Until this issue is resolved, smart glasses like Google Glass and the Ray-Ban Meta are our only “AR headsets” that we feel are practical.

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