Government To Meet On Second 5G Network Next Week

Questions about Malaysia's second 5G network are expected to be answered with the government holding a meeting on it next week. This was according to Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil yesterday during the launch of the BlackBerry Cyber Security Center of Excellence in Cyberjaya.

According to Fahmi, a joint 5G task force will hold meetings and discussions on the 5G network will be held. His Excellency, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Digital Ministry will also be involved in this meeting.

Last year the government announced that the second national 5G network would be launched only after DNB reached 80% of populated areas. This was already achieved a few weeks ago and the lack of announcement of a second network is a question mark.

Two weeks ago Fahmi said the launch of the country's second 5G network might be delayed to allow the DNB board to be formed first.

The formation of this second 5G network faces several issues, among which is the use of Huawei and ZTE equipment. The United States and the European Union (EU) each issued a warning to countries not to use the equipment of these two Chinese companies for safety reasons.

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