No need to worry about getting lost in the wilderness with Watermarker

Every year there will be incidents of missing people while doing leisure activities in the mountains, hills and wilderness. In most cases, missing victims can be found after tens of SAR members are deployed to the location. The main obstacle is that there is no cellular network and the thick wilderness makes it difficult to search even with a helicopter.

Airmarker R.One is the solution to this problem because when needed it launches an orange balloon up to a height of 45 meters which makes it easier to locate the missing person. The creator of Airmarker got the idea to produce R.One through the experience of doing a search mission using a helicopter. It is difficult to provide the exact location of the victim even with the existing GPS system. He then got the idea of an emergency system with balloons that can be seen from various directions.

Each R.One is kept in the form of a cylinder with a size of around 870 grams. When the balloon is launched it is able to float for 3 days which gives enough time for those lost to be found by the rescue team. Each R.One is sold for $225 (~RM1048) apiece.

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