OpenAI Expected to Offer "Sora" Text-to-Video Generator to the Public, Later This Year

A few weeks ago, OpenAI managed to surprise the market with the introduction of a text-to-video generator, named Sora. Through it, it produces videos based on artificial intelligence, and the generated results are almost realistic compared to other video generators.

In parallel, many are eager to try it. Speaking of which, through an interview with the WSJ, it is said that Sora will be offered to the public later this year, possibly in a few months.

For now, several things are being improved, including in terms of cost and processing to generate each video. In addition, it is also taken into account for every generated video not to be misused by the public.

With this new development, let's all look forward to the next few months for the introduction of Sora, and how it will change the creative industry.

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