Truecaller Now Blocks Spam Calls With AI

Truecaller is a popular phone calling application. This is because Truecaller has helped many people fight spam calls. As of today, the service has intercepted around 38 billion to 40 billion calls for over 374 million customers. Recently, Truecaller has been updated with AI features.

Specifically for Premium Android customers, there is now a new Protection level, Max. This feature will block phone calls from unapproved numbers in the contact list and also when the AI identifies the number as a spam call. Usually Truecaller only blocks calls based on the data they have recorded from millions of users. But this Max protection does not use Truecaller database.

According to Techcrunch, Truecaller is also serious in the development of AI and wants to continue to succeed in their core services of blocking spam calls and Caller ID (Caller ID) with the integration of this technology. Truecaller can be subscribed at a price of RM9.90 per month, RM18 for three months, RM71.90 for a year or you can also get the most expensive Premium Gold plan which is RM399 per year which can be used with 4 additional accounts.

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