Unifi Updates Their Prepaid Offer With Uni5G Wow Plan – Starting From RM10 Per Week

Today Unifi, a leading local telecommunications company showcased their latest 5G network offering for their prepaid customers with the update of a new prepaid plan called Uni5G Wow.

Unifi Wow is offered with three payment plans, namely Uni5G Wow 10, Uni5G Wow 25 and Uni5G 35. The Uni5G Wow 10 plan offers 10GB of data at RM10 per week, while the Uni5G Wow 25 offers 30GB of data at the price of RM25 per month, while the Uni5G Wow 35 plan offers data Unlimited 5G and 4G (subject to FUP 50GB) at a price of RM35 per month.

The Uni5G Wow starter pack priced at RM10 will come with a one-month usage period with RM10 free data before users need to pay a set prepaid value to continue using it. For new Uni5G Wow users and existing customers switching to this plan, they will also be given a Late Night pass for unlimited 5G internet connection from 1am to 7am.

In terms of hotspot usage, the Uni5G Wow 10 plan does not come with the feature, while the Uni5G 25 plan comes with the same hotspot and mobile data sharing limits. For the Uni5G Wow 35 plan, it will offer a separate 10GB of hotspot data, with 50GB of free hotspot data during the current promotion period.

Along with this plan, Unifi also offers the Uni5G Wow UL Late Night package that provides unlimited 4G and 5G data from 1am to 7am at the price of RM3 and the Uni5G Wow Hotspot plan that offers 55GB hotspot data per month at the price of RM55. There are also some new plans introduced to give users additional data for certain applications.

To know more about this Uni5G Wow prepaid plan, you can visit the Unifi website at this link.

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