We Tested U Biz Plans – Here's What We Think And Why Your Business Needs It

When entering the world of work, sometimes it requires us to move from one place to another. Some are in the country, some are abroad. A good internet connection is a necessity for all of us to help with daily productivity when working outside of the office.

So, as a company, of course the management wants to minimize management costs but at the same time can still increase the productivity of all of us. Therefore, we need a comprehensive plan to help daily productivity regardless of where we are, at any time. So, this time we chose to test the U Biz plan from U Mobile ourselves to find out how it performs in helping the productivity of all of us.

U Biz 98 Plan Usage Experience

We have done a speed test for the U Biz 98 internet plan through Ookla where the download speed is around 150.90 Mbps up to 531.45 Mbps for the area around the Klang Valley. When working outside, our tasks are not just writing articles either, because sometimes we also need to take pictures or videos to send to our colleagues at the office. After trying it, the results are quite surprising because the performance is quite fast, where the process of downloading a 17MB file can be completed in a short time, which is about 5 seconds.

While for the process of uploading a file of the same size, the time taken is only about 20 seconds. We have also tried uploading a 6-minute video file of 907MB in size which took up to 4 minutes 20 seconds, while downloading the same file took only 3 minutes 22 seconds. So, through its performance like this, of course you can imagine how it can help our daily productivity, right?

If you need to check the quality of a video given by a colleague in the office, video viewing also runs smoothly and does not stutter, even if you are on public transport that is constantly moving. To play first, the latency rate is also quite low, which is as low as 27ms and provides a stable gaming experience and is able to provide fun without any time delay problems.

In terms of internet roaming, we have already tested and reviewed the performance of U Mobile internet roaming abroad, such as in Bali, Dubai, Thailand and the Philippines. The internet speed test we use here is Speedtest by Ookla. From the tests carried out, the performance is quite good for roaming which you can see for yourself how the roaming performance is in the countries we have tracked below:

Place Name, Country Download Speed Rate

Dubai, UAE 278Mbps

Bali, Indonesia 31.8Mbps

Koh Lipe, Thailand 116Mbps

Manila, Philippines 38.9Mbps

Hatyai, Thailand 124Mbps

San Francisco, California 128Mbps

Why Should You Choose U Biz Over U Mobile?

In the many telco options available in the Malaysian market, why did we choose to try the U Mobile Biz plan? This is because, when compared to the offerings of other telecommunications companies, the offerings from U Mobile Biz can be said to be quite affordable and worthwhile for a business to subscribe to. Why do we say that?

This is because U Mobile Biz usually offers internet quotas that are worth the price, starting from 120GB up to 1,000GB and no contract. In addition, the main internet quota can be shared up to 6 additional U BizShare lines and only need to pay RM38 for each additional line. So you can choose a plan and how many lines you need depending on the size of your business.

This 1TB quota is not only available for the 4G network, but you can also enjoy the 5G network widely, whether at home or abroad. Unlimited calls for domestic use, and incoming calls abroad are also free. Hotspot can also be shared from the 1TB internet quota that you subscribe to with a subscription price of only RM98. More economical, more productive, more worthwhile. This at once can help us to maintain the momentum of daily productivity even outside because this plan can create unlimited hotspots and roaming for free without any additional cost.

Either way, if before when we work abroad, we need to buy an overseas sim card to stay in touch with work colleagues in Malaysia. This will cost some expenses because the company needs to pay these expenses for each individual involved if we buy a plan individually. In addition, it is quite disadvantageous because after returning to Malaysia, the overseas sim card will not be used again, unless there is a colleague who will be going to the same country in the near future.

So don't worry, this issue can be resolved if your company subscribes to the U Biz plan. This is because this plan allows you to roam for free for up to 63 selected destinations. Even if you have a business and want to subscribe to this plan, in the same need a smartphone for company use, U Mobile also offers the latest 5G smartphone for you.

But you don't have to worry about paying for this smartphone because U Mobile provides flexibility in terms of payment. If you subscribe to the U Biz 68 plan, you can get double savings through the U SaveMore program. Whereas if you subscribe to the U Biz 98 plan, you can make payments in installments through the U PayLater program and there is no interest rate charged for it.


In conclusion, if you have a business and always need a good internet connection at all times to maintain the momentum of daily productivity, U Mobile is one of the internet plans you can consider. The main reason why you need to subscribe to this U Biz plan is because the internet quota offered is worth the subscription price and the line can be shared to up to 6 additional lines.

If you have a private small business, you can subscribe to the U Biz 38 plan. Through this plan, the 4G and 5G internet quota can be used up to a maximum of 120GB and you can share some of this high-speed internet data through Ultra Hotspot 5G from the data quota offered . Calls are also unlimited to all networks.

However, if you have a business for only two employees, you can subscribe to the U Biz 68 plan, and only need to add an additional U BizShare line. If you need a device for your employees, you can enjoy a discount for the device provided by U Mobile through the U SaveMore program. The quota offered is 300GB for 5G and 4G networks. Calls are unlimited to all networks and can also share internet via Ultra Hotspot 5G from the internet quota of this plan. The roaming quota will also be taken through the internet quota offered and you can roam in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Incoming calls to these 3 countries are also free.

However, if you want something more worthwhile and want to feel the experience of using the 5G network from U Mobile as a whole, you can subscribe to the U Biz 98 plan. The original price for this plan is RM98/month. However, if you want to connect it with 5 additional lines for your business, you only need to pay RM50 per month for these five lines. Through it, you can enjoy internet quota up to 1TB for each line and 5G phone for free and various offers that make your subscription more worthwhile. So how? Worth it right? If you feel that this U Biz plan is worth subscribing to, you can go to the nearest U Mobile branch to register a subscription and enjoy double savings and overall productivity for your business now.

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