Apple Lays Off Hundreds of Jobs Due to Canceled Projects

Various technology companies are ready to lay off a number of employees since the end of last year - in an effort to optimize costs, make operations more efficient, and some are also due to the use of artificial intelligence and so on. Most recently, it was reported that Apple also threw around 700 employees at the company.

It is said that most of the workers are from the canceled Apple car project, in addition to the workers due to the reconsideration of the micro-LED display development project. However, at the same time, according to a Bloomberg reporter, the number of workers thrown out is higher than this is reported - because the reported number only involves workers in California.

Previously, many targeted a number of employees who were affected by the canceled project may be arranged under a new division. However, it seems that Apple is taking steps to only do this with a large portion of employees, and not the entire team.

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