ChatGPT Can Now Edit And Modify DALL.E Images

Two weeks ago, Microsoft began testing a new Copilot Designer feature built directly into Microsoft Edge. It allows users to edit generated images more easily. Now OpenAI is doing the same, where users can edit DALL.E images directly from within the ChatGPT chat room.

Interestingly this feature can be used on the web, iOS devices and even Android. How to use it is also easy, first enter the prom for ChatGPT to generate an image using DALL.E. Then select an image that has been generated, press the brush icon while painting, mark the part of the image that you want to edit or modify, enter a new prom and you're done.

How to get access to this feature? For now it is limited to ChatGPT Plus customers only. This feature will definitely make it easier for people to generate interesting images without having to edit them in Photoshop because they can continue to edit and modify in the same application with just a simple prom.

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