Galaxy AI Adds Indonesian, Russian and Arabic Language Support

Galaxy AI will support three more new languages through an upcoming update. The three languages are Indonesian, Russian and Arabic. In addition, dialects for Australian English, Cantonese and Canadian French will also be added soon. At launch Galaxy AI only supports 13 major world languages.

There is still no information when Bahasa Malaysia will be supported. In an interview with a Samsung representative in San Jose last January, they said Bahasa Malaysia support would be provided in the near future.

Although Samsung says Bahasa Indonesia will be supported through a future update, we've been quietly aware that it's been supported since the March update was given to the S24 Ultra and Z Fold6. It just works randomly. We realize that when a sentence in Bahasa Malaysia is composed and then the "Writing Style" feature of Galaxy AI is used, the sentence will be changed to Bahasa Indonesia.

Many times also when trying to convert Malayalam and English rojak essays with Galaxy AI, it will automatically convert them to English completely accurately. We say this feature is random because sometimes when trying to use it, the notification “This language is not supported” will be displayed.

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