Google's Find My Device Will Work Like Apple's Find My Soon

If you don't know, last year Google announced that Google's Find My Device object search system will be more like Apple Find My. This is because Google is getting ready to support finding offline devices, audio accessories or other devices that use Fast Pair but the connection has been lost just like Apple Find My. But it's delayed as it waits for Apple to support object tracker detection other than AirTags.

9to5Google reports that Google has started emailing lucky users, letting them know the new Find My Device system will be rolling out soon. The new system will use active Android devices around the user as detection nodes just like Apple does. In the future, even the phone can be tracked even if it is dead. This will start with the upcoming Pixel 9.

With the Find My Device system becoming more advanced, users will find it easier to find a dropped left earbud, a car key with a lost object tracker around the couch, or even another Android phone. After Google launched Quick Share (formerly Nearby Share) as an AirDrop competitor, now they launched the brand new Find My Device, proving that Android can also have an ecosystem like Apple.

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