MyDigital ID Open Registration Will Be Done Starting May 2024

The government is ready to announce plans to introduce a digital identity or called MyDigital ID soon - at the same time simplifying online transactions and verification for various purposes. Previously we had reported that the government would introduce registration for this MyDigital ID in March 2024, but recently, at a media event, the date was pushed back slightly to May 2024.

MyDigital ID is a step in simplifying the registration and use of identity on various government digital platforms – and is expected to be extended to other private applications as well. Mohd Mirza Mohd Noor, acting CEO of MyDigital ID said that this is also expected to further simplify the identity verification process which currently depends on overseas third-party providers by various applications, including banking applications and digital wallets.

Among the advantages of using MyDigital ID can be seen in terms of new account registration for any financial institution or user verification for online services related to the government sector and so on in the future.

So far, MyDigital ID has been seen collaborating with the MySejahtera application, and in the future, together with local financial institutions and also government agencies to integrate features such as eKYC and login verification to ensure user verification is faster and also secure. .

Along with MyDigital ID open registration is the introduction of a "sandbox" to provide these institutions with a safe environment to develop technology using MyDigital ID. It is also seen that there are several banks that want to develop this technology in the near future.

MyDigital ID registration can be done in two ways. The first is online, through a website that will be announced later, and the second is through physical kiosks that will be introduced in certain locations.

Mohd Mirza also said that so far, registration has already started for individuals in government bodies including ministries widely. Physical registration has started since December 2023, while online registration has already started in March 2024.

MyDigital ID also confirmed once again that the system will not store biometric data, collect and disclose personal data and will not replace MyKad as proof of identification.

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