Nothing Ear And Ear (a) Now Official With Built-in ChatGPT Starting at RM459

A while ago, Nothing launched two new TWS, namely Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a). One is a replacement for Ear (2) and the other is a replacement for Ear (stick) that uses a new name. Both of these TWS offer better audio as well as built-in generative AI features.

Nothing Ear is their flagship TWS that now uses an audio driver with an 11mm ceramic diaphragm. The movement of this component is 110% better than Ear (2) for deeper bass. Nothing also promises 10% clearer audio due to better internal design.

Ear also supports Hi-Res audio up to 1Mbps 24-bit/192KHz with LHDC 5.0, Bass Enhanced is also introduced for a more intelligent bass algorithm. Professional equalizer and personal audio profiles are maintained for a better audio experience. Noise cancellation support is now a smart type with Smart Active Noise Cancellation up to 45db and adaptive ANC can still be used.

With the use of generative AI becoming more popular and Nothing regularly adding ChatGPT features to their devices, this OpenAI chatbot is also integrated into Nothing Ear for quick access with voice commands. This feature is limited to Phone (2) users with support for Phone (2a) and Phone (1) coming in the future. The design so far is still more or less the same as the last generation Nothing Ear.

For Ear (a), it is said to be a mid-range TWS. It may replace the Ear (stick) but this time Nothing chooses an in-ear phone design instead of a semi-open type. It is a brand new product with a new design. The design of the Ear charging pod (a) is said to take inspiration from medicine containers. The transparent design theme is still maintained but now there is a yellow color option like Playdate.

Other features like LDAC, adaptive smart ANC, Hi-Res audio, and 11mm audio drivers are retained like Nothing Ear but the audio drivers are dynamic type and not ceramic. If Nothing Ear supports IP54/IP55, Ear (a) is only IP54/IPX2, if Ear has wireless charging Ear (a) does not and the battery of Ear (a) lasts longer which is up to 9.5 hours while Ear is 8.5 hours.

Both Nothing Ears still use the Nothing X application. It can already be purchased in Malaysia at a price of RM659 for the Ear and RM479 for the Ear (a). Would you buy the new Nothing Ear which is more expensive than the old generation?

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