Nothing Has Sold 3 Million Products, Two More Devices Will Be Launched

Carl Pei announced that within 3 years of Nothing being introduced to the world, they had successfully sold 3 million products. This includes Nothing Phone smartphones, Nothing Ear audio products, CMF by Nothing sub-brand products, various accessories and even apparel. In the future, Nothing will launch several more products.

The first video focuses on a beetle and a yellow frog. Many speculated that it was the old Nothing Ear mascot jumping in to replace the new mascot. Later, Nothing announced the name "Play Date" which has nothing to do with the Playdate console even though both products of this company were designed by Teenage Engineering but it has been confirmed that they are not related.

This "Play Date" event will take place on April 18th and people expect it to be for Nothing Ear (3) and possibly Nothing Ear (stick 2). Then Dylan Roussel, a famous leaker revealed that Nothing has two code names for secret products namely Tetris and Pacman Pro. Pacman is the codename for the Nothing Phone (2a) and with Nothing about to launch a community edition, Pacman Pro may be the codename for this new device.

For Tetris it is still a mystery. So not sure if it's for the Nothing Phone (3) or the new Nothing Ear? Let's all look forward to the coming April 18 to look forward to the new products that will arrive.

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