Now You Can Chat Using Google Chat Across Platforms With Microsoft Teams

For those of you who use Google Workspace, Google has now announced that it has opened a cross-platform conversation feature with platform users such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. With this move, users can stay on the Google Chat platform – but chat with other teams or other companies using Slack or Microsoft Teams, without having to use the platform.

However, to use this feature, users need to use an additional app called Mio – and it is a paid offering. After testing it in a limited way before, now Google announced that all Google Workspace users can use the features offered by Mio.

To use it, you need to have a paid Google Workspace account, as well as a paid Mio subscription. Although it leads to higher costs, but it may be more convenient for users than having to install and use more than one application to communicate.

For those of you who are interested in this feature, you can try it out by visiting the Mio site today.

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