Qualcomm Announces New IoT WiFi Module And Robotics Platform

This year every month there will definitely be a new product announced by Qualcomm. So today in conjunction with the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Germany, they also launched WiFi modules and a new robotics platform for industrial needs

We start with the Qualcomm QCC730 Wi-Fi for connected devices (IoT) with micropower. It supports Wi-Fi 4 which promises a reduction in power consumption of up to 88% compared to the previous generation. Hence it is not only compatible to be used by industrial devices but for consumer as well as commercial. Because of its low power consumption, the QCC730 is compatible with battery-powered devices.

Meanwhile the Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 is a complete hardware and software robotics platform for IoT devices. The Qualcomm QCS6490 processor chip is used by the RB3 Gen 2 to offer high performance especially in AI processing capabilities. According to Qualcomm, the AI processing on devices with this platform is increased up to 10x compared to the previous platform.

It can also support up to four cameras and Wi-Fi 6E. The compatible platform is used on a wide variety of robots, drones, industrial devices, connected cameras, smart screens and more. Qualcomm AI Hub can also be used to enable device developers to access the various AI models offered through it to meet project needs. This integration will speed up the development process as the AI Hub will target models that have been optimized for specific tasks.

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