TikTok Will Ban Accounts That Frequently Violate Terms From Recommendations For You

For You's timeline uses an algorithm to suggest content that TikTok feels is compatible with users' tastes. Each person has their own algorithm so content from unfollowed accounts will be recommended. TikTok has today updated its user guidelines and will issue a warning to accounts found to be in violation of the site's terms and conditions.

Accounts that upload conspiracy theories, sexual content, unhealthy eating practices and various other unauthorized topics will be prevented from appearing on the For You timeline. With this the account cannot abuse the topic that is going viral to get views. This content barrier system will be in effect from next May 17.

If your account is blocked, TikTok will provide a notification and you will be given the opportunity to appeal in the event of a mistake. Also introduced is the 'Account Check' feature which shows the status of the last 30 videos uploaded by the user. Account owners can see if they have violated the site's terms and whether their videos have been deleted by TikTok.

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