TSMC Resumes Semiconductor Chip Production – No Serious Issues on Their Equipment

Yesterday it was reported that TSMC had evacuated their factory in Taiwan to make sure no one was trapped inside the factory building when the country's worst earthquake ever hit.

After an inspection of the factory's equipment, particularly their EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography machine, it was found that they can continue to manufacture semiconductor chips today without any problems.

According to WenYee Lee, the journalist who translated the announcement by TSMC about the closure of the factory, the equipment recovery rate of the existing factories including their latest Fab 18 has been restored at a rate of 70 and 80 percent, and it is expected that they can resume full production capacity in the near future. .

TSMC is also communicating with their customers, making sure that the production of their processing chips, especially from clients like Apple and even Qualcomm is not affected. So far, TSMC has not yet announced how many semiconductor chips were affected by the closure of the factory following the earthquake.

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