US Navy Develops Microwave Weapons to Counter Drones

The Ukraine-Russia conflict as well as Yemen show how cheap drones can cause significant damage to conventional military assets. Current anti-weapon systems are not designed to destroy drones and also cost more than offensive weapons. Therefore the development of anti-drone systems is being accelerated by some of the world's major powers.

The United States Navy has now announced Project METEOR, which wants to use a modern weapon system that can repel drone attacks by 2026. Among those being considered are high-powered microwave weapons (HPM) that can damage electronic components on flying drones and even drones in the form of ships.

Like the laser weapons system also being tested, the HPM can bring down a group of drones simultaneously over a larger area. Project METEOR has the same target as the Tactical High-power Operational Responder (THOR) initiated by the US Air Force.

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