Xiaomi Focuses Automotive Sales On The Chinese Market Completely For The Next 3 Years

Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi now shared that the company will focus entirely on the Chinese market only for the sale of their electric cars, for the next three years. This at once shows that we may take a few more years before Xiaomi starts to market their electric cars outside of China.

Their first electric car, the Xiaomi SU7, has gone on sale in China, and Xiaomi aims to produce 100,000 vehicles in 2024. Lei Jun also aims for around 10,000 units of cars to be received by customers by this June.

Xiaomi has previously introduced several vehicle models under the Xiaomi SU7 series, which offers a number of premium features, including Xiaomi Pilot self-driving support, and the ability to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.87 seconds. It is not yet known when Xiaomi will come with the next vehicle model.

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