YouTube Tests AI Ask Feature To Summarize Videos

Google has slowly started integrating many generative AI features on YouTube. Originally a plugin for Gemini, so that this AI chatbot could summarize videos. Then there is also Jump Ahead to skip to interesting scenes to avoid you feeling bored. Most recently, YouTube tested the "Ask" button for AI to summarize the video or answer any question related to the video being watched.

The “Ask” button is next to the share button. When pressed, several dialogs were given by the chatbot with a profile picture that looked like a Gemini icon. YouTube is seen suggesting users to summarize videos and also find related content. But in my own attempt, ask the host details in the video and more. But AI is still AI because Google also warns that hallucinations can still occur and the answers given may be wrong or not the same as in the video.

If you are a content creator and wondering, will AI summarizing videos affect the number of views or the interaction of followers and other viewers like Google SGE which reduces traffic to the website? According to Google it's not, because the video is still playing and the Ask feature is like chatting in the comments section with faster replies. Currently this feature is limited to YouTube Premium users in the United States. To try in Malaysia you need to use VPN and device location manipulation feature.

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