ZUS Coffee Will Introduce Payment Method By Just Scanning Your Face

ZUS Coffee is one of the popular coffee drink brands, with hundreds of branches throughout Malaysia. ZUS Coffee is also actively investing in the digital arena in line with current developments, leading to an attractive and competitive application offering compared to some other coffee shops.

Most recently, ZUS Coffee is also seen to be working with Aye – to offer a payment method by simply scanning the face at ZUS stores. Aye is one of the local payment service providers that link users' faces to accounts such as credit or debit cards or digital wallets. Through its integration, users only need to scan their face at the counter when paying, and it will automatically debit the balance on the digital wallet account, or credit / bank card.

Through our joint partnership, it is targeted that ZUS Coffee will start implementing this face scan payment feature as early as the first half of 2024. Users will be required to register their faces first, and link them to the payment system - before they can use their faces for payment purposes.

With this move, it is also expected to provide more options for payment methods at ZUS - and no less people will be interested simply to try this face scan payment feature.

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