A Number of Users Find iOS 17.5 Brings Back Long-Deleted Photos

Some iPhone users are now finding that the latest iOS 17.5 update for iPhone, is bringing back old deleted photos – and in some cases, long-deleted photos.

Via Reddit, some users were surprised to see pictures that had been deleted for years, suddenly appeared as pictures that had just been uploaded to iCloud and displayed in their picture collection.

For information, through the Apple Photos application, it is ready to save deleted photos for 30 days, before they are completely deleted. However, in the case reported by a number of users, it involved pictures that were years old that came back to their respective user accounts.

For now, Apple has not released any comments related to this matter. This new bug is also causing many to worry, as deleted photos are reappearing – while also raising questions about privacy and the like that Apple often emphasizes.

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