AI AlphaFold 3 Can Predict Structural Interactions and Interactions of All Life Molecules

DeepMind announced the latest version of their artificial intelligence (AI) AlphaFold with the ability to predict molecular structures more accurately. AlphaFold 3 now predicts the structure and interactions of all living molecules. For the prediction of proteins and some other types of molecules. AlphaFold 3 shows an increase in prediction accuracy of up to 50% compared to other models currently in use.

AlphaFold 3 can be used to improve the understanding of the world of biology and the discovery of drugs in the future. Isomorphic Labs, which is also a subsidiary of Alphabet, has begun collaboration with several pharmaceutical companies to use AlphaFold 3 to develop new treatments.

This is another contribution of DeepMind to the world of medical science. Two years ago AlphaFold published a list of 200 million protein structures that can exist in the world also for the purpose of progress in producing new drugs and medicines.

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