AI Features Coming to Final Cut Pro Soon

Last night, Apple launched the new iPad Air with two size options and also the iPad Pro with the new Apple M4 chip. The new chip also supports a more powerful Neural Engine to process artificial intelligence. Last night's Let Loose event was also the first time I heard an Apple employee mention AI multiple times. Final Cut Pro is among the Apple applications that will take advantage of this feature.

The Final Cut Camera application, which will arrive in June, can also be used with the new Final Cut Pro. This Final Cut Pro is said to use AI features to make it easier for users to edit videos with one click. Just click the Enhance Light and Color button, it can edit color, color balance, contrast, and brightness. It can be used with SDR, HDR, RAW and even Log video files.

Smooth Slo-Mo will also be integrated into Final Cut Pro 10.8, where the AI system will generate new images to insert to make the video look more beautiful and realistic. Later users can also name each color profile created and also manage media files for editing work more easily.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 can be subscribed for a price of RM22.90 per month or RM199 for a year. Final Cut Pro 10.8 is priced at RM1299.90, while Final Cut Camera is free. You can enjoy this AI feature as early as June.

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