Android 14 for TV Announced With PiP and AI Gemini Support

The Google I/O 2024 event continues today with the announcement of Android 14 for TV. The operating system for this smart TV will be given several new features that will make it smoother to use than previous iterations.

First of all Android TV will support a picture-in-picture (PiP) system that allows up to two video contents to be displayed simultaneously on the TV screen. The interface has changed with app icons now round instead of oval and more streaming platform support will be offered on the TV face.

In addition, there are three power mode options, namely low power, optimized and high power. For disabled users, accessibility mode allows the color on the TV to be changed as for color blind users. Google also confirmed that Android 14 for TV will also have AI Gemini support that will suggest relevant content to TV owners on the front screen.

Android 14 for TV can now be downloaded by developers and the update for existing smart TVs will be provided by the end of 2024.

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