Apple Shouldn't Apologize For iPad Pro Ads

A few weeks ago, Apple introduced their latest iPad tablet series, consisting of Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Pro powered by the latest Apple M2 (iPad Air) and Apple M4 (iPad Pro) processing chips.

Accompanying the event was a launch video shot specifically for the latest iPad Pro, which showed a compression machine compressing a variety of creative equipment and tools to reveal the new iPad Pro's ultra-slim design, which, Apple says, is actually an iPad tablet. Their most powerful and thinnest Pro.

Soon after, there were many comments on social media saying that Apple should not be using music hardware and these accessories in such a way, and there are various other ways for them to promote their latest tablet.

Apple has since apologized to those who were offended by the ad, but it doesn't seem to have taken the drastic step of taking down the video, which in my opinion, is a pretty good decision by the company, although I can understand why many of them are in the creative industry is not happy with the advertisement.

Apple Doesn't Need to Apologize

In the context of this video, I think (which no one asked or asked) that Apple does not need to apologize for the video ad. It's not the first rash decision they've made, and in fact, moving forward, I'm sure they'll make more

This is not the first time that Apple has made drastic decisions that have made many people unhappy. Do you remember the first time when Apple announced that they would no longer offer 3.5mm audio plugs and earphones on their smart devices, or charging accessories in the box.

This decision was seen as anti-consumer at the time, but this "bold" decision was eventually adopted by many Android smart device brands that had previously also "condemned" Apple for doing so.

In fact, one of the pearls said by Steve Jobs "Some people say, "Give the customers what they want." But that's not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do.   People don't know what they want until you show it to them." shows that once upon a time, Apple's designs were great enough that they didn't have to wait for user input to launch new products.

Words like these may come across as arrogant, but they are backed up by the success and sales volume of their smart devices that cannot be matched. Their position as one of the leading electronic device brands in the global arena gives them the opportunity to be "arrogant" and make decisions that may not be very popular among consumers, but are followed by many other device brands.

Decisions such as no longer offering a 3.5mm audio plug as said a few paragraphs before, and also a USB charging head is one of them. Although the move was criticized by many and many brands laughed at them, the laughter ended up being self-inflicted because they too did the same thing.

And while this was happening, from start to finish Apple never once apologized for their business moves. Because of that, I find it a little odd that Apple is apologizing for those iPad commercials when people will forget about them in a matter of days or weeks.

Self-Consuming Courage?

For me, Apple's choice to use a compression engine for this ad is quite brave. Where Apple may see it as a metaphor for cramming these tools of creativity into one device, many in the creative world see it as Apple telling people that they only need an iPad to create creative works now.

The interpretation of this ad is subjective, and I don't want to negate anyone's opinion because a conversation like this in my opinion, at least is necessary because often the context of the discussion is often followed by emotions, especially in this modern internet arena.

Even so, in my opinion, what Apple could do is probably make the same commercial but with AI generative artificial intelligence technology and not use real creative equipment in the commercial film.

It is not a secret that Apple also wants to enter the arena of generative AI where the next iPhone device may come with this feature. In this way, Apple can not only market their iPad Pro as a creativity generating tool, but start the conversation about how they will implement this generative AI technology in their future devices.

Even so, I also think that the negative sentiment towards the use of generative AI is a valid concern because there are many corporate companies and even government bodies that are already using this technology recklessly to avoid paying creative professionals to get the results they want. fast and free, but no soul and culture behind it.

But that is for future reference. Yes, I still think Apple shouldn't apologize for their latest iPad Pro ad. Should they go back to the drawing board to look at how they can market their products without hurting the creative feelings that to some extent also inspired them to make the ad? Also yes.

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