ASUS Unveils New ROG Ally in Black

The products launched on April 1st are hard to believe. Last year, ASUS did something quite surprising as the ROG Ally was teased during April Fools but not as a joke as it is a real product. At the time of launch, ROG ally only came in white but recently their black console has been revealed in X.

For now it is still not sure if this is a new model with different specifications or just a color offering. With Computex fast approaching, there are rumors from Videocardz that the new ROG Ally may be launched at a computer event in Taiwan in June.

There are also speculations that the new ROG Ally might be powered by an AMD Strix Point APU (CPU + GPU in one chip) that uses Zen5 and RDNA3.5 technology or maybe even a Ryzen Z2 APU. Anyway, let's look forward to more information about this device soon.

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