Circle To Search Will Also Be Usable On Google Chrome

Circle to Search with Google is the most interesting iteration of Google Lens to use. When I use the Samsung Galaxy S24+, it makes it easy for me to find a variety of interesting information quickly. Other Android devices will start receiving this feature in October, the iPhone will receive an update to Google Lens with a similar usage concept and the latest Google Chrome will come with the same feature.

This feature is still the same as Google Lens that has been around for a long time. It is in the three-dot menu on the Desktop version of Chrome, then press Search this page with Google…, a sidebar with Google search will appear which also includes Google Lens. Select Google Lens, the new version allows users to select parts of a website to search with the same method and animation as Circle to Search on Samsung and Pixel devices.

This feature is still in the early stages of development and is not yet ready to be tested by users. In the future, users will be free to choose to search either by uploading a screenshot or simply using the mouse to select any part of the website for further search. Let's wait together.

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