Dubai Introduces Gaming Visa To Make It World Sports Hub

Sports athletes can now generate income comparable to real sports athletes helped by sponsorship worth tens of millions. The advantage of sports is that physical strength is not required to be successful. With sports popular among the younger generation, Dubai has a dream of becoming a world sports center by 2033.

To make this dream come true, Dubai started offering special gaming visas to attract great talents in the world of sports and video games. It is not limited to sports athletes but also video game production, concept artists and employees of video game companies. The video game industry currently generates more revenue than the Hollywood film industry each year.

The popularity of the first which is now also a bigger market than the combination of PC and console can be a huge source of economy for Dubai and further UAE. To apply for this gaming visa, individuals must be 25 years of age or older and submit a resume.

A few weeks ago Abu Dhabi announced the Esukan Island project which will house a stadium, training center, hotel and office space dedicated to the video game industry. Saudi Arabia wants to build the world's largest sports stadium in Qiddiya. Perhaps within a generation the video game center of the world will move from the West to the Middle East.

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