DuitNow Experiencing Technical Issues – Users Encouraged To Use Inter Bank Giro Temporarily

DuitNow is now seen to be facing technical problems, making some transactions such as DuitNow Transfer and DuitNow QR difficult. This was confirmed by CIMB and Maybank through their respective social accounts.

CIMB stated that DuitNow (Instant Transfer) cannot be used smoothly for the time being, as well as asking users to make transactions through Inter Bank Giro for the time being.

For Maybank, they informed that the DuitNow Transfer and DuitNow QR services cannot be used for the time being on the Maybank and MAE applications. Maybank also encourages Inter Bank Giro users as an alternative for the time being.

Paynet, which manages DuitNow, has not issued any comments regarding this matter for the time being.

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