Gemini Nano With Multimodal Model Introduced For Google Pixel

The artificial intelligence technology that many people want is the processing that happens inside the device. This is because AI performance will be faster and it can be used without an Internet connection. Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy are selected to use Gemini Nano as a language model built through AI Core.

The latest, Gemini Nano With Multimodality will be given to Pixel users soon. This feature will make artificial intelligence processing without Internet on Pixel faster and more powerful. For example it can now be used with Talkback which is an accessibility feature that can now describe the details of the image displayed on the device with AI.

Not only that, Gemini will also support contextual awareness where it can chat with users continuously without the user having to ask multiple times. It's like Google Assistant or Siri only with AI. The featured feature is for RCS, chat with friends and prompt Gemini to generate images or while watching a video you can prompt Gemini to summarize the video.

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