Google And Magic Leap Collaborate For Production Of Augmented Reality Products

Magic Leap is a startup that is trying to change the technology industry with augmented reality. They were among the first to make a name for themselves in this augmented reality category. After failing to target ordinary users, Magic Leap 2 was launched for enterprise users. Most recently, they have signed a collaboration with Google for the production of augmented reality products.

In Magic Leap's statement, this collaboration will combine their expertise in hardware and Google's expertise in platforms. At the moment there is no product that will be launched in the near future and for whom their new product is also not revealed. Among the innovations of Magic Leap 2 is, it is a normal glasses with various sensors loaded for digital content to be displayed in the real world.

The collaboration between Google and Magic Leap is said to not affect the agreement between Google and Samsung who want to develop augmented reality products like Apple Vision Pro. Let's all look forward to further developments regarding Google and Magic Leap augmented reality products.

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