Google Search Engine Indexing Shows Maybank Will Add Google Pay Support

Since last year, we have seen Maybank experiment with some promotional setups for Google Pay support. However, we still do not know when the feature will be officially launched and supported by Maybank.

Most recently, through the indexing of the site by the Google search engine, it was seen that the Google Pay site on the Maybank2u domain was indexed by Google. Briefly, it shows that Maybank will support Visa and Mastercard cards on Google Pay – and not limited to credit cards, but also debit cards. The Google indexing also shows that Maybank will offer up to 100% cashback for the earliest users.

However, this is based on information when Google indexed the Maybank site. It is not yet known whether the same will remain the same, or change during the introduction. Usually the marketing message will change during the experimental stage and in the final stage.

For now too, it is not yet known when we will officially see Maybank support Google Wallet. If launched later, Maybank will be one of the banks that supports not only Apple Pay, but also Google Wallet – thus covering almost all mobile device users.

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